Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress For Men

Simplest of all the apparels, wedding dress men work best for mehendi & nikah Wardrobe. It has extreme variations in its styles, cuts and designs, which gives it an extra edge over others. Even in its simplest form, these wedding dress look amazing. Right choice for wedding dresses men is very significant. It is quite in trend these days, as these are light and simple yet perfect for the occasion. These are elegant shades of grey, brown, blue and many more.

Cream Sleeves with our kurtas

Fine embellishments around the sleeves, are the main features of our kurtas. Key point is that we provide only cutting pieces of kurtas then you can stitch our kurtas from tailoring shop as per your requirement. You can feel comfortable by your adjusting length and width. For more decorative look you may wear black or white shalwar with our kurtas. You can buy white or black shalwar from any cloth market in Pakistan.